With the epidemic of coronavirus, millions of people are facing a very tough problem, how to survive through the hardest time if getting unemployed. Many choose to delve into the online undertakings, trying to profit from digital currency trading. Especially at the time there are only 1 day left until the Bitcoin block reward halving and a strong sustained surge in purchasing volume shows retail traders are steadily piling into the digital asset.

Even at this hardest time, AToken is not stopped by coronavirus, still painstaking to forge ahead a broader market. Furthermore, we do a great job in the past several months on promoting and broadening Vietnam market. As per our survey, we choose Indonesia as a milestone-like station in which we will establish the partnership with a well-renowned exchange, Tokonomy and organize a series of campaigns where everyone is welcomed to join in and win shares of huge prize pool.

Hi Indonesia! We’re coming.

We hereby to announce the official partnership with Tokenomy supporting $TEN(TOKENOMY Token Platform)send and receive function as the first step. Anyone who is interested in AToken and Ten can download our app and experience it after the official announcement is released.

Next, AToken together with Tokenomay will do a series of AMA soon, giving away large amount of prize to rewarding and embracing more and more Indonesia users join in both ecosystems. Stay tuned for more detail soon.

In the meantime, we are undertaking a survey consisting of some questions that will be helpful to better understand of AToken and know more about local users. Also, rewards will be bestowed to motivate much more users to join in and tell us more about usage habits, investment psychology and any other valuable clues.

May a long last win-win partnership between AToken and Tokenomy.

Here is our one-page flyer for the reference.

PS: Campaigns You MUST Join In.

Keep signing in to win 10 USDT is still undergoing, don’t miss it.


AToken Airdrops 15,000 USDT Equivalence $TOMO from April 29th to May 12th.

Link: https://link.medium.com/AnCPF1Z925

About AToken

AToken Digital Currency Wallet (hereinafter referred to as AToken) is built by former development core team of Huobi exchange wallet. It is a light mobile wallet that supports multi- currency storage, the access to third-party DApps and currency exchange. AToken users exceeded 1,500,000 with 10.5 billion stored in assets.

About Tokenomy

TOKENOMY is a digital asset marketplace where users can discover the possibilities and access the applications of cryptocurrencies and blockchain tokens. Tokenomy’s primary offering is a crypto-to-crypto exchange, focusing on the underserved and high-growth markets in Southeast Asia. In addition, Tokenomy is a one-stop tokenization platform that allows anyone to create, sell, and trade their tokens on exchange, enabling entrepreneurs to access a new way to fundraise for their projects.


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